Shop software

I was hoping for some suggestions on software. We are a medium sized
wholesale production shop. Would like something better than the
program I currently use (a customized machine shop program) to do
invoicing, inventory control, production tracking, etc. A lot of what
I see seems to be aimed more at retailers, and well considering what
some of them cost, any experience, advice, words of wisdom would be

Thank You,
Eric McCafferty

Just read the inquiry for Shop Software and am wondering also what
you Orchidian retailers out there suggest they have found to be best
for the small jewelry business owner. I currently use File Maker Pro
on my Mac which can be configured in any way for inventory control.
Takes some learning but it can even be used to price out individual
pieces, can include a photo etc. but now I am looking for something
a bit more…in the trade. I think I may have to purchase a
PC?? or does someone know of a program I could use for tracking and
invoicing w/ a Mac?

Thanks in advance.
Mary Ann Archer

Dear Eric-

Here is a repost of a message I posted several months ago. I’ve used
this program for both retail and wholesale business. I’m pretty
satisfied with it, and compared to a lot of other programs, it’s
pretty cheap. It does allow you to track production of items, so you
can see what you are selling and who is buying it.

Also, say hello to Meredith for me.


A product called MYOB- Mind Your Own Business, may work for you. We
are Mac based and have used it for several years now. It is great
for building product and keeping track of inventory. Inventory is
connected to invoicing and purchases, so once you buy or sell
product, it keeps track of your inventory level pretty seamlessly. It
produces pretty nice reports for most all aspects of the business
side of things too, and that has been helpful for us. We are using
the version called Account Edge.

Setting everything up was tedious and a bit difficult- I’m not at
all accounting minded, so I did need an occasional guiding hand from
a bookkeeper friend of mine, but I have very few problems with it now
that we’re set up.

Check them out on the web- and see if this
might work for you.

Good luck.
david lee jeweler, a division of Golden Touch Jewelry
Mason City, Iowa

Eric, There is a program that I swear by…Jewelry Designer Manager
Pro…available at Rio Grande. It is an accurate database for your
vendors, inventory for your pieces, creates invoices, tracks and
removes parts from inventory, etc. I am not very computer savy and
this is easy for me. It helps me in pricing also.

Ronda coryell


I saw this software and was unsure of it, because I was a little put
off by the price, but now that you have said this I might take a
second look. Question for you, how does this program compare to
Microsoft Money? Are there any other programs that are more widely
available that can be used instead? The reason that I ask is that I
am terrible with Microsoft Money, Quicken and a ton of other
programs, so if it is like those, then I am better off not buying it
and sticking with Excel or a simple pen and paper.

The program helps me with my costs and helps with the pricing. I am
NOT a computer person and have a hard tome with most programs. This
one is simple and I find it invaluable. Even I can do it!