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Shop flooring

Hi all Does anyone have a recommendation for flooring material in a
workshop? I’d like something soft underfoot and also something that
will help with the noise. Thanks Cindy

Consolidated Plastics Company carries a line of Rubbermaid flooring
material that might be what you’re looking for. I get the catalogs
occasionally. They’ve got a website that I’ve not visited -



I have always used the Armstrong flooring that comes in the 12"x12"
squares, simililar to what you find in supermarkets. It is easy to
install and maintain. If you are installing it on a concrete floor
and want to make it more cushiony lay down a plywood base before
installing the tiles. The tiles are available at home improvement
centers and come in a variety of colors, but stick to the lighter


The 12x12 tiles work great. Any tile is better than carpet. However
my recommendation is for dark colors. In my current shop I chose
black. The black makes small diamonds, gemstones and any pieces of
metal which are not oxidized really stand out. Sure it also shows
all the dirt but this just forces us to keep up with the sweeping
making it that much easier to find dropped items.

John Sholl