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Shop bevel


Just curious to see if anyone has experience with shopbevel. I was
approached by them through my etsy shop. It looks like they invite
designers to submit a design. The design gets voted for by the
public/site users. If your design gets voted in, they will
manufacture your design and sell it on their site. They offer 15%
royalty. That doesn’t sound like much. Plus most of the items I saw
for sale were being sold for a paultry $40. Most of what I sell is
getting into the $200 plus range. It looks like a win win for the
site but the designers get little compensation.

What do you guys think?

15% is not right. I would avoid it unless they point the site users
to your website, etsy page, and whatever marketing you wish to have
embedded on the page featuring your design (like a discount coupon
so you can see how much traffic is driven there by the use of your
design on their site).and price your piece higher if possible so the
15% at least covers your costs and labour and ONLY get involved if it
is profitable for you. If their price point is the 40 -50 dollar
range and your work is in the 200 -400 range, keep browsing your

Hi-I was also approached–by two different people for two different
items. I also had some qualms about the the complicated process they
created. Would also appreciate any

Elegant Insects Jewelry

15% is a pretty good royalty, especially since jewelry designs are
generally sold outright. The fact that you retain the right to
produce and sell the design yourself is a nice extra. Most contracts
would enjoin you from making and selling the piece yourself.

Really, there’s not much of a downside. Since they do all the
manufacturing and marketing, if the piece doesn’t sell on their
website you’re not out anything but your original design time.

I’d contact some of the designers they sell and ask about what their
experience has been. Does Shop Bevel seem trustworthy, etc.

Elliot Nesterman