Shipping Tools

Am shipping tomorrow my setting tools to South Carolina for a video
shoot with Brad Simon. Just checked with our “Canada Post” and
"UPS". The difference is only $6.00, but my ‘gut’ feeling is to go
with UPS. But I feel more secure with them than our slow as molasses
mailing system. Will be supplying 3 commercial invoices stating the
contents, where made, who packed the items, ownership and other
miscellaneous things. I’d rather be safe, than have this box opened
and returned. Once that my box has passed to the border crossing
customs, I can then relax. I always track shipments via their
web-site. Just a little hint, I always undervalue the contentsHate
to have ‘red-flags’ raised.

Because of “9-11” and other reasons, I am attaching this letter on
the ‘outside’ of my parcel of tools. Here it is in its entirety.

  1. These antique metal cutting tools were made and assembled in

  2. They are not for re-sale to the general public.

  3. Estimated cost of all items do not exceed $100.00.

  4. These are to be used only as display purposes and are used in
    video filming.

  5. They will be returned with me, once this trip is finished.

  6. I am the sole owner of all items enclosed.

  7. I personally packed this ‘selection’ of tools.

  8. Close examination of the contents may be done without my
    presence. I then gave my full name, with signature, address and
    telephone numbers and then dated day of delivery.

All of this was typed on my business letter-head, to make it more
official, namely this is just to satisfy the customs’ inspectors.

Gerry Lewy!

I don’t know, I’ve had so many unsatisfactory experiences with UPS
that I avoid them when I can, but maybe your experiences are
different. Best of luck and let us know how it goes (and the trip,
too, have fun!).

David Woolley
Fredericton, NB

The letter that Gerry is putting on his tool package reminded me
that one must watch the rules on all courier sites. Last time I
looked, unless items were being shipped BETWEEN BUSINESSES, they
were_not_insured_for_loss, even if the company took your money for
the insurance! Yes I do mean that if you pay to ship something on UPS
and it is a personal item, that even if you pay to insure it, it is
not covered for loss! This rule is generally buried deep within the
website, and in fine print on some but not all of their paperwork.

The way you get around this is to always use company names as
shipper and receiver. Even when you are shipping to yourself.

I found this out the hard way shipping a laptop from my company in
Canada to my daughter in the US. I used her name instead of her name
c/o the company and was tied up in paperwork, including having to get
affadavits to affirm original ownership, for months, when it was
stolen. Yes it was insured, but that didn’t matter to UPS. If the
laptop had been a gift or other personal item - I would have been out
of luck.

I should point out that this bizarre rule does not apply to Canada
Post. They insure personal items as well as business ones.


Hello, The way to get around the insurance mess is to stop shipping
with UPS. They are way too expensive and I have more problems getting
their packages on time than with anyone else. I would suggest that
all jewelers join the MJSA, then you can get a FedEx account that
saves you about 30% of their regular shipping costs. you can then
insure your packages for up to $25,000. It isn’t expensive, about $1
per $1000 I think. I send packages with FedEx with real insurance
that cost about half of what UPS charges without real insurance



HURRAH FOR MJSA! We joined up about two years ago and the Fed Ex
savings alone paid for the annual fee. You get discounts at Staples,
health insurance, credit card fees, and more. It’s a very good
organization with nice people who understand your needs as a
business…or school.