Shipping Preference - International

Another possibility is to ask for a Letter of Credit, confirmed by a
reputable and/or well known US bank. Then you simply deliver
shipping papers, invoice, etc. to the bankers and they pay you.

I have done business (in a previous job) with Nigeria this way a lot
of times and never lost a cent. But I have also had some smart guy
trying to send a L/C from a “Nigerian Bank”, which showed up to be
non-existend, so demand a L/C confirmed by your bankers, then it is
their responsibility.

Letter of Credits are meant to help two parties which does not know
one another not to be conned, and that definitely would be my choice
if I could not get paid up front.

Kind regards from Bornholm, where the rain is pouring down and
obviously trying to catch up with one of the driest summers for

Niels Lvschal