Shipping container studio

If interested in the topic try the renaissance ronin blog. He is
into ISBUstructures

Sounds great!! What is the square footage? Thomas III

Great idea!

R Hayward

I would love to see photos of this. We have not heard from the city

R Hayward

Yeah its totally possible but you gonna be doing way more than just
cutting windows in it. Your gonna have to put an exhaust and some
sort of air conditioner and heater. I built mine in one side of a
three car garage and after spending $ on the plumbing, divider wall
and everything necessary for a studio I found I couldnt even sit at
the bench with the door open without sweating to death. It needs
plumbing, electrical, insulation and ventilation. Huge project!! Go
for it! My father lived in one for years b/c he is pres. Of a large
developer and has done work in afganistan iraq and haiti. They ship
them prefabricated.

If you will GOOGLE Shipping Container Homes you will find pictures
to make you drool, be dizzy, green with envy. some very very nice
ideas. Mariana Foliart

Interesting, could we see photos for that?

Thanks, Rachel


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…


Somebody said in an article that a shipping container can produce a
thousand pounds of toxic waste before it can be repurposed- i doubt
that highly. nevertheless, without some serious power cutting, they
can be really tough. But oh so worth it. As can be seen below.

Somebody said in an article that a shipping container can produce
a thousand pounds of toxic waste before it can be repurposed- 

As usual, the “green” way is more expensive and less green than

Paf Dvorak

The assertion here seems week. If not dubious.

First, containers have a mandatory retirement. That is, they are
only allowed to be in service for so long. Regardless of their
condition. (often retired earlier due to condition)

Empty they typically weigh 8k to 10k lbs Depending on configuration.

10 to 12 percent toxic waste. e?

Where is that waste coming from? Cutting torches? gasification? CO2?
Yes, there is some if that. Disposalof treated lumber (floors)? Slag?

Disposal, abandon, recycle, repurpose. Are the choices.

Once one of these is created and subsequently retired, it has to be
dealt with. One way or another.

That being said, it is true that all too often Green is used as a
marketing ploy that has no verified basis. It is after all an
industry unto its itself.

The ones I purchased were all retired.

Our local scrap yard has now been given a fancy name “Recycling
center” regularly takes in unuseable ie rusted out steel containers,
and cuts them up with oxy propane to pieces that will then go
through their automated guillotine shear chopping up kit.

It then goes by ship to Spain to be turned into reenforcing steel
for structural work.

Ive been clearing out as well, old farm machinery too rusted to be
repaired, all weighed in for ?180.00 a ton delivered to the scrap

They will collect but give you next to nothing for it.

Photos for our home we are building. including a container framed
Greenhouse and what will have a container studio, Shop, garden shed
and 4 car garage (two 40’ containers side by side)

Sorry for taking so long to post.

Christopher Lund