Shipping abstracta glass

I am wondering if anyone with Abstracta has ever packed the glass in
a (hardshell) suitcase and put it on the plane. Or if (because it
probably is) this is just a silly idea. I am trying to avoid
shipping a booth for a show this December and I just got the system.

Thanks in Advance,

I use Abstracta and I wouldn’t do it. It will probably put you over
the 50# limit and you would have to pay $80 for an overweight bag.
Send it by ground to the hotel that you are staying at. I use FEDEX
ground and they not only get it there but then will pick it up on
Monday after the show and bring it back to me for a lot less than

Hope this helps

I have shipped it with plexiglass. You just have to replace it more
often because it gets scratched up. A friend shipped it with glass,
and had to quickly find replacement glass in Boston when some panes
broke. PITA for her.



I don’t have those cases, but my first two thoughts when reading
your question were, “Have you ever noticed how your luggage is
HANDLED??!!”, and “Wouldn’t that far exceed the now rather low weight
limit for luggage?”.

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