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Shipping a rolling mill

I’m looking for advice on how to get a used Durston rolling mill
from an auction house in Hayward, CA to my residence in Kentucky. I
am also interested in what others have had to spend to maintain a
rolling mill in good working order, assuming proper use and care.

The one I’m trying to bring home requires picking it up at the
auction house, packaging it, and then shipping it. The first quote
that came in was $330, which seems reasonable considering labor and
ground shipping expenses. I’m just wondering if I can get it home for
any less. UPS will ship a 100lb box for $95, but that still requires
finding someone to put the rolling mill in the box.

I also posted a request at where anyone looking for extra
money can bid on a shipping job.

At this point, I have $63 invested with the condition of the mill
unknown. It appears to be an older 100mm combination model, gear
reduction, a t-handle instead of a hand wheel, body not cast, and
with some scuff on the rollers. If I don’t have it removed from the
auction house before November 16th, then I will gladly release my
paid invoice to any member of this forum who is interested in picking
up a free rolling mill.



My experience with shipping is that FedEx Ground is the best price.
Mills are expensive to ship either way. I see a deal on ebay but I
am always a thousand mile from it and will cost big bucks to ship.
FedEx ground should be about half of UPS from my experience.

Good luck,

That’s too bad about the shipping costs. It’s always irritating to
deal with an auction house that doesn’t ship out things itself. I
remember paying shipping on my 175 pound anvil, and it seems like
freight and crating cost about as much as I spent on the thing.

At any rate I’m in Southern California, so I’m afraid I couldn’t
help you ship it without spending a lot on gas and driving time.
Twelve hours driving, plus gas, plus freight and shipping would
probably end up running a lot more than $330. If you can’t find a way
to get the thing home though, I’d be happy to take you up on your
offer. I’ve been looking at buying a mill, but I sure don’t have a
thousand dollars laying around to throw at a new one, and it seems
like the cheap Chinese models would give more trouble than they’re

Whatever happens, good luck with it. I know there are a number of
Orchid members in the Bay Area, maybe one of them could be more

Willis Hance

Jeff, hopefully you’ll get your mill to Kentucky - a $63 Durston’s
pretty hard to beat. If you need to forfeit, I have a perfectly fine
mill, myself, but I can think of a few young people who would kill
for one - a very talented young man comes to mind, offhand. I know
Revere Academy people also read this list. Hayward is “local” to us -
within 50 miles. Again, hopefully you’ll work it out - if not between
us all we can find a good home for it, and I’m sure someone would
give you your $63 back, too.

Ship with Greyhound. Call the bus station and ask about it. You’ll be
pleasantly surprised!