Shiny silver surface with electroforming

I work with some very irregularly shaped slices of stone/minerals.
The end goal is to produce a shiny silver band (preferably real
silver) around the periphery if such a slice. I’ve got the copper
electroforming part of the process down. But, I need some guidance
about how to achieve a shiny surface over the entire
electroformed/plated area. I’ve tried Rio’s cyanide free silver
solution. It plates/electroforms just fine, but it gives a
"silver-white" surface like a piece that has been pickled. What do I
need to do to get a shiny surface from silver plating? Someone
suggested brief electrostripping, but I haven’t tried that yet. Ay
suggestions appreciated.


Jon Lovegren
Lapidary Artisan

Jon, Back when I worked, I ran an electro plating line(steel) in the
80’s that put brite nickel on steel. The britener was an additive.
See the people you get your plat. sol. from, they should be able to
help you.


I get the same whenever I coat any surface that doesnt have a high
polish to it in the first place, I think it is just the silver
crystals aligning themselves how they want to. The silver bill
burnish quite easily but on a very uneven surface will take a long
time. Bead blasting is the fastest way but requires knowing someone
who does that fine detail work.

Nick Royall