Shell toxicity, allergies, questions

Lin - very interesting, especially the allergy part. I am
"allergic" - I phrase it this way because now allergies are sometimes
considered “sensitivity” instead of “allergy” - all depends on your
body’s exact reaction - to shellfish. Rather violently so in fact.
Yet I wear pearls, make jewelry with pearls, and, on the odd
occaision, drill pearls. I have never had a problem.

Anyone have any idea how allergy to shellfish translates into issues
we should be aware of in jewelry? Many people have no idea that
simply breathing the proteins released when a food someone is
allergic to is eaten or cooked (the reason for peanuts being removed
from many airplanes) is enough to produce a reaction, up to and
including death. I had not thought of this in the context of
jewelry. Would love to know more, if anyone has anything to share.

Beth in SC