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Shaving off pearl

I just bought an oval-shaped pearl, supposedly Tahitian, which has a
little bump on the narrow end of the oval. The pearl is also fully
drilled lengthwise.

I want to set this pearl as a drop pendant to wear on a chain. My
question is whether it is possible or recommendable to shave off the
bump on the top or otherwise modify the end that will go up against a
pendant cup and bail? If so, how would one accomplish that?

Also, since I want to use a gold pendant bail and cup with a post to
be inserted in the top, what should I do about the full drill? This
bail is perfect visually for this particular pearl, so I don’t want
to fabricate another one with a wire that will go all the way down
the pearl’s drilled center, if possible.

I would really appreciate any help and ideas on how to handle this

The pearl measures 11.0mm x 14.6mm.

Laura H. Hastings
Eclectica Jewelry

Wouldn’t it make it peel if you damage the outer layer… I would
say take a dapping tool small like a tiny nail starter from hardware
store and change the cup


First, I don’t recommend shaving off anything from the pearl. If the
pearl doesn’t work with a certain bail, find another pearl or make
another bail. Between the bump at the end of the pearl and it having
been drilled all the way through, it sounds like making another bail
is just the ticket; remember to accommodate for the bump when
remaking it with careful consideration to shape, etc.

Kim Paluch