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Shauna Burke - Jewelry Gallery


Shauna Blythe Burke
Brooklyn, NY. USA

Shauna Blythe Burke is a jewelry designer and art educator. Shauna is influenced both by her urban landscape as well as by the ancient techniques that she learned while living and working in Italy. All of Shauna's pieces offer subtle incongruities; she states: "life is full of perfectly imperfect moments and I like my art to reflect life's idiosyncrasies."

Materials: Oxidized silver, Rough cut sapphires set in 22K yellow gold Dimensions: 2"x7"

Cuff Bracelet

Photo credit: Emily Churchill


Bejeweled Hive

Materials: Garnets, Silver, Gold, Champagne Diamonds
Dimensions: 1.5" in length


Photo credit: Emily Churchill


Random Line Bracelet

Materials: 18K gold, ruby, sterling silver
Dimensions: 8" in length

I.D. Bracelet

Photo credit: Emily Churchill