Sharpening drills

I ran across some on how to resharpen drill bits but
can’t find it and when I tried it failed miserably. Got any

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First, Anneal your bit. ( heat to cherry red, then let it cool
slowly to room temp.- this is only for steel) Then using your
flex shaft and a separating disk (those little round pieces of
sandpaper that snap on and off of your square tipped mandrel)
gently and quickly touch the bit at a slight angle to the disk
while it is spinning at a low RPM, twist the bit while you touch
it to the disk, one complete turn. Examine the bit under a loupe
to make sure you haven’t cut too steep an angle, or flattened
your bit. -it should kind of look like two tiny chisels soldered
together. Then, I take the bits and lightly polish the sides and
then I take my torch and re-temper the bit. ( heat it to straw
color at the cutting point) There’s no exact science to this,
it’s kind of hit and miss at first, but after a while you get
the hang of it. I can, when set up, sharpen 20 bits in about 15
min. I think the bits I have sharpened cut better and longer
than new bits do out of the package. Sorry for the long

Tim Goodwin @tmn8tr

One question. Don’t you then quench your bits in oil to work
(case) harden them again?

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yes, I use water in a pinch, but oil is best