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Sharon / Shrinkage

In a message dated 97-03-29 00:52:01 EST, you write:

<< I still haven’t wuite gotten the hang of how
much shrinkage to expect. Maybe someone else can add to that
discussion. >>

Dear Sharon You are right all of the steps in the master model
process reduce the finished product in size. As a general rule
when I worked at Stuller in the model dept we added 1 mm to any
tolerances on most rings. If they needed to be fine tuned you go
back and plate your master to decrease the gap. It is better in
this case to start out a little to large rather than have to
make the unit over again. Also keep in mind that the thicker the
piece the greater the % shrinkage. There is no hard fast rule to
cover every situation. Just practice and you will get a feel for
it. Happy Easter RED