Sharing trade secrets?

“Sharing” for money, or sharing just for “the love of it”. Two very
separate things.

In our Jewish religion, the highest level of the “13 Attributes of
Charity” is to teach a person, or persons a trade so they can make a
living for themselves, to feed their family. We are not giving
charity, per se, but showing, teaching, helping those who need ‘us’.
If, by any chance someone offers to pay me for doing so…:>) I won’t
deny them of that courtesy of saying…thanks!

I will be in Denver CO in April 27-30 with the “Bench” Conference
group of many, giving seminars and doing this for free. Isn’t that
going to be an experience? Letting everyone know how I actually do
something, showing my setting techniques and many tool modifications.
Wouldn’t you call that sharing of trade secrets? I am willing to
share my thoughts, my many decades of experience for no financial
compensation. Now this is sharing to its ‘nth’ degree. As many of my
peers state why are you giving away your setting techniques. They
might take away your jobs? I respond, at my tender age of being over
60++ who cares?

You all have been reading for the past 6 years, my many articles in
"Bench" magazine. I hope you all have been learning from them, I too
have been sharing. Brad Simon has never paid for these articles, not
one penny. Now this is the epitome of sharing, isn’t it? Its not
wrong to share, so why is there such an verbal tumult if someone
wants to show others. I find this so perplexing !

In the “Bench” magazine of Winter 2006 issue, page16 it reads, as
follows…> “If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed.
If he has a talent and uses half of it, he has partially failed. If
he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has
gloriously succeeded and won a satisfaction and triumph few men ever
know”…author is Thomas Wolfe!..Gerry Lewy!