Sharing stone sources

Hi All, While living out west for many years, I had stone dealers
knocking on my door. Now, years later and living in the midwest, this
just isn’t the case and so I’m hoping some of you would kindly share
some of your sources for stones…for diamonds, semi-precious and the
not so precious. Sometimes these folks come and go in the business
and newbies surface. I’m also looking for new sources in color stones
and anything unusual and interesting and good quality…the kind of
thing one doesn’t find in catalogs. Perhaps you have some favorite web
sites you want to recommend. Thank You. Mary Ann Archer Designs

Hi Mary Ann, I would highly recommend Brent Wallace of Colourstone
for high end top quality colored goods. Brent is the man! I’ve been
using his stones in my custom stuff for over 15 years now and have no
complaints. His number is 800.926.9990.

Usual disclaimer…

Mike Rogers
Precious Metal Arts

Mary Ann, I’m quite impressed with the site, selection, and service
from one of our fellow Orchidians, Diane Sadel. Her site is and I’ve bought some wonderful pieces from her
in the past. (I seem to remember that she has a different site for
diamonds, but can’t find the reference to it at the moment.)

No connection - just a satisfied customer.

Karen Goeller

Mary Ann-- My favorite site is

Unfortunately, the site is shutting down in a couple of days. But
the guy who does the cutting is still cutting, so if you can get a
look at the site before April 1, and you like what you see, you can
maybe work with him. I’ve been very happy with the colored stones
and the agates and jaspers I have bought there. Good luck!