Sharing my self built fume extractor

I made my own fume extractor system for around $100 that works awesome.

Heres the link to all the parts.

Super easy to do (make sure you buy all parts w the same inches). Put your fume extractor at your soldering area a bit above it. Put on your ducting. Then add your inline booster fan (this one is strong and quiet and has a switch knob you can put wherever) add yoyr 2nd ducting, then assemble your portable air window kit and run your ducting out. Boom, youre all set up.


Thanks for sharing this KimberleyJ67083!

For my home studio (which is in a shed) I built something very similar, except I mounted a squirrel cage fan (that I got from McMaster Carr) to a 4"x 4" hole in the wall, with flexible ducting attached. Like your system, it’s very effective and cost about $100 total.

Thanks again for the great tip!!



Its super quiet too!

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Man thst sounds like it would pull fumes a lot better!

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