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Shannons home shop


These are pics of my shop in my basement. The darker wood bench is an old watchmakers bench given to me by a sweet old man who is no longer with us. He also sold me my Graver ball.

I have some lighting that is solar powered led from batteries behind the buffer. I also have a scooter motor as a buffer that runs off solar as well. I do have the big AC buffer as well and some other vital equipment you can see. I recently got my ventilation hooked up (recently Moved) this room is also the furnace room so its warm unlike some of my other spots, and it had that fresh air intake already in the wall. Thats where air is blown out from the buffers and benches. My anvil is in the garage cause i do some sculpture as well but I have some steel down here as well for hammering. I like found objects. Hope you like it. It’s a little cluttered just like my mind.


Nice set up. What are you using to run your fume extractor?


It’s a 2 ended squirrel cage blower I got for a different purpose years
ago. I put tubes against each intake and then the exhausts V into 1 tube
to go out. The switch is between my benches. Mounted it with a piece of


Thanks i need to get on that soon.