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Shakudo and Shibuichi suppliers


I have been thinking about using shakudo and shibuichi metals
in my work because I like the way they both patina. I have a
couple of questions I was hoping someone could anwser. What do
you use to solder these metals so you can create a fairly
seamless look (for example if you were making a ring). I was
thinking maybe gold and then if I patina the metal I would have
to use another kind of patina on the gold solder to darken it
too. Any ideas?

Also I know Reactive Metals sells both metals but does anyone
know of any other sources?




Gold solder would be very different in appearance from these
essentially copper/silver based alloys. Use a lower grade of
silver solder, I’d say. Make sure your seams are as tight as you
can get them, and the slightly lighter look of the patina on the
silver solder won’t be too noticeable against the shakudo or

Peter Rowe