SG liquid - toxic!

David, More than the offensiveness of the odor, is that the liquids
are pretty toxic… anyone expecting or with respiratory problems
is probably better off avoiding them. Everyone using them should be
doing it in a well ventilated space and avoid skin contact. Carol

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David, I could not agree with Carol more! When I had to take my
20 stone final at Gia I ended up with nosebleeds, couldn’t figure
why but after 2 + 2 did some deductive reasoning here. After, some
years, now ten, it was the SG fluids, so me and toxic waste
disposal became acqauinted,and what from what they told me it
became a test I no longer use. I would rather use water
displacement and my scale if necessary. I have developed a
thyroid nodule, funny it seems but I know it is from toxic
materials. So, please do be warned. Thanks Carol!!