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Settings/Engraving Vise Comparisons?


Does anyone have any input as to using a GRS Standard Block/Low Profile Vise versus the Lindsay PalmControl/LowProfile Turntable Vise for settings and engraving? Is one easier to use, better built, better customization, etc? Usually I see GRS mentioned for stone settings and Lindsays for engraving, but not how either product handles both…any insight between the two is appreciated :slight_smile:

they are both high quality bits of kit. You can not go wrong with either one.

both have a vice that will offset the centre of rotation that is handy if you are engraving under a microscope because rather than shifting the piece on the clamp you shift the rotational point of the vice which is quicker and easier.

for the most part it is cosmetic. I personally like the look of some of the lindsay equipment better than the GRS and although they have some differences in application once you get used to the gear you soon find that both are very close in quality.

Get the one you like the look of best

just my opinion


And there are other companies that sell an engraving block. I used one of those for engraving and stone setting for many years before I wore it out and bought a full size GRS block. It weighs about 40 pounds and is very stable and smooth. I don’t care for the device that shifts the center of the block. I just set it on a piece of wood in my drawer that brings it to the correct height for my microscope and then I can slide it around on the piece of wood to center it a s needed. Less futsy.