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Setting with Thermoplastic Pellets

  I have some of the thermoplastic pellets which I have tried to
use to hold my pieces while I set some stones in tube settings. It
works well to hold the piece, but getting them out is a problem. If
I reheat the whole thing, the plastic gets sticky and adheres to my
piece and is the devil to remove.  Will someone give me the correct
way to use this wonderful stuff? 

A good way to hold the item is to make a copper cup attachment that
will screw to the end of a " Benchmate " inside ring holder, though
this can be modified to be held by any system or type of ring clamp.

The copper cups are available at any hardware store which has
plumbing supplies for rigid copper pipe. Copper was selected because
it will not rust, can be silver soldered and conducts heat rapidly.

Buy a 1/2 " and a 3/4 " cap . This looks like a small copper cup .
Solder an attachment to the bottom. This can be a 5/16 " National
Course screw . It can be a flat piece of copper tubing. The idea is
to hold the cup in a handle . The Thermoplastic Pellets are melted in
150 degree water. Then it is placed into the copper cup. The ring ,
tube or whatever is pressed into the pellets. Buy a small metal
thermometer 0 - 210 degrees. If you get the water too hot, like
boiling, it said to cause the plastic to go bad. Besides, You can
burn Yourself.

Cool off the cup and solidified thermoplastic. Do Your Thing . Then
place the finished piece back into hot 150 degree water. Peal off the
thermoplastic ( It should stick only to its self. ) The larger copper
cups are expensive at 2 " in dia and up. But, they should never wear
or rust out. I am enclosing a website which was placed on this
website by some one whose name I can not remember.

Three pound lots are available at a reasonable price. ** Protoplast Pellets
from WFR-Aquaplast Corp, 30 Lawlins Park, Wyckoff, NJ 800-526-5247.
One pound lots are available through Rio Grande . I have found one pound to go a long way.

** Some kind member in this group sent this Thank You
who ever You are.

Are the Tube settings still in the tubes ? , By this I mean are they
still round and un attached yet ? If so, try getting a three jaw
chuck from an old dead electric hand drill. The chuck is held on by a
screw . Take it off and get a longer screw . Put it into a handle, or
bolt it down to some thing. Polish the insides .

This worked at Jewelry Boot Camp. I think it will work in the " Real
World "

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer

I use the thermoplastic pellets, too, and I just use some aluminum
foil folded around the piece I’m working on and push the plastic
around that Holds just as tightly and it’s easy to remove the foil
and have a clean piece