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Setting up soldering station at home


I need someone who can help me get the tanks and gases and set up a
soldering station at home.

After taking some classes on jewelry fabrication; I know that I need
a lot of practice to really learn the craft. However, I have never
set up a soldering station before, so I would really appreciate
someone to help me get the oxygen tank (I have the propane tank);
get them filled and help me get them set up and explain the guages
and their settings so that I can do it the next time. I also need to
do this with an Argon tank; since I bought a PUK-111 at closeout and
found out later, that it requires Argon and a specific guage, which
I also bought.

I haven’t been able to get any help from the jewelers in town here;
except to be told that any help I wanted would not be coming from
them because for a little town; we are a tourist town, and they do
not want any competition.

So, I’m hoping that I can find someone here who would help me; I am
willing to pay a reasonable wage. Thank you. Jaynemarie


Check your local yellow pages for “Welding Supplies”. If you can
find a dealer near you, you’ll be able to get pretty much whatever
you need, and most places will take the time to show you how to set
it up.



I realized that there was some important missing in my
request. I live in Santa Clara County, California; actually in Los
Gatos, and have not been able to find any one to help me in the
initial setting up of the soldering station. Being an electrical
engineer; I know all about Murphy’s Law, and I do not want to be
featured in the next Darwin Award’s Book.

I’m sorry I forgot to give you this