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Setting up jewellery classes

   Thanks for your ideas and suggestions. This is some of the text I
ma going to use on by brochure to get people interested. Do you
think it is too stuffy? 

The only advice I can give in this area is to get a draft of the
brochure and hawk it around a few people and ask them what they think.
Be aware of the audience you are aiming at, and try to distance
yourself a bit from the technicalities and processes. Prospective
students might not know what “forming” means for instance.

Look at examples of what other people have written for similar
courses in other subjects. For example, the sheeets for
our local adult education classes mentions sugar craft for cake
decoration, offered as Beginners, Intermediate and Advance. That’s
all, and probably adequate. The tutor is available on enrolement
night to offer guidance if necessary as to which level to go for.

Kevin (UK)