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[Setting tips] Azure; Counter-sinking diamond holes?


Azure; Counter-sinking diamond holes? What is this and why?

To give a piece of hand-crafted jewellery the professional touch,
the most important maneuver is to make the holes in the back “round
and with a Semi-polished” appearance. This is important at this
stage; it gives the “polisher” a chance to polish the underneath
with greater ease. All of the drilled holes are spherical, uniform
in size. This procedure is commonly called “Azure” and when the
diamonds are set initially, there is little chance for the polishing
wheel to create this clean effect. At special-order jewellery shops,
the crafts persons will create little designs around each and every
hole, in the form of geometric patterns using a #6/0 saw blade. We
can use a round bur that is tad larger than the size of the hole
itself and this large bur will just skim the surface of the gold and
give it a clean appearance.

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