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Setting stones faceted on both sides

Hi to all. I have to make round bezel settings in gold for two
checker board faceted 5mm stones - faceted on both sides… these
stones will go in a chain and no matter which way the chain flips
the stones will be the same on either side. What is the best way to
do this? I am going to need jump rings on each side of the bezel
setting and I can imagine them distorting as I press the bezel
around the stone. Is there an easier way? Best gauge and karat gold?
Thank you for any help.

Sincerely Joy Kruse


If you post the stone image, I can give some idea…

Due to Based on the Stone holding we will decide…

My suggestions is the O-ring is the best way to hold the stones in
18Kt yellow & white gold…(o ring size based on the griddle of the

C. K.Anand