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Setting small diamonds in a hole


Hi this is my first post to orchid. I just started making titanium
rings, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to set small
diamonds. I tried to press a small (2.2 mm) diamond into a hole in a
ring but the diamond broke. There was .004 inches press fit which
may have been too much. I tried tapping the diamond in by placing
the diamond upside down on a flat steel surface, then placing the
ring over it and tapping on the ring. The diamond ended up breaking.

I’m just wondering if I should try a smaller press fit like
.001-.002" or if I should just not make it a press fit and glue it
in. I read that glue will affect the refraction, but should I worry
on such a small diamond? I want it to be secure so that if the ring
is dropped the diamonds won’t pop out. Also I guess the quality of
the diamond could be in question, I’ve never worked with diamonds



I know nothing about diamonds, but am quite familiar with machining
interference or shrink fits. For an item that size a proper fit for
a light interference fit is with the part going into the hole being
about .00025" larger than the hole. This is for metal into metal. It
is no wonder that your diamond is breaking. A .004" interference is
suitable for holding a 8" - 12" or so piece into a hole or for
holding a 2" - 2.5" piece almost as strongly as if it was a single

I think the proper answer is that you need to cut a seat into the Ti
and do it as a proper flush set.

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