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Setting Slices or Extremely Thin Cabs

Hello all! What is your favorite way to set slices or thin cabs (wall height of less than 1.5mm)?

I recently procured some diamond slices I’d like to play around with and the idea of making a prong setting hurts my brain. Step bezel maybe?

Thanks for your input!

This is a very thin piece of Moss Agate. It is probably no more than 1 - 2 mm thick. I cut it this way because it was thin to start with and I wanted it to be translucent once it was finished. It is held in place by three small tabs soldered to the back of the pendant. The tabs are loosely rolled over to hold the stone in place, but they are wide enough so that there isn’t a lot of point pressure on the stone at any one location that might cause it to break. It was sold at Christmas time and I don’t know if it has stood the test of time…Rob