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Setting semi-precious gemstone beads


I’m wondering what the general opinion is about setting semi-precious
stones that have been drilled (beads)? I have several as at one stage
was using beads together with sterling silver. I’ve since changed my
focus to setting stones. Some of my beads are rather nice ones, can I
still use these in a setting?

Opinions & advice are welcomed!
Emma Tallack


For me to answer your question, as a setter, I would still use them!
The problem are the holes at either end of the stone, You 'could’
hide them inside the 4-claw/prong setting
. You need longer claws to
hold the round surface, this way they will cover the drilled holes
Nothing is totally lost, but puts your mind to figure out how to set
them, trust me it can be done!!!


I was working with a bead maker who would bring me beads that for
one reason or another didn’t meet her standards. She wondered if,
using standard lapidary equipment, they could be modified and set as
you would a piece of lapidary. It worked out very well. The bead
material is fairly soft and I was able to cut some beads in half
right along the drill line.

Once ground, sanded and polished and any blemishes removed, I had a
flat surface to set on and curved surfaces to either bezel or prong
set the stone. They were a lot of fun. I haven’t seen her in a couple
years. Maybe she figured out how to make beads that met her
standards. Rob