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Setting process

Please find attached pictures. Can someone help me about what kind of setting process is this ?


Hi Darmesh
Your question is quite easy to answer. In my estimation, I’d name this as a (8-claw) or a “multiple claw setting”!
But, I do approve of the “round-claws iiiiiishape” that you gave the stone.
The “round-claws” actually blend in with the large diamond!
Regards from “Gerry, on my iPhone”

Thanks Gerry for the reply,

The center diamond is not a single diamond set with 8 prongs. It is actually a cluster of 9 diamonds stick together. Now i am not sure whether is it adhesive that holds them together or any other technique ?

My guess would be what they are invisible set. If so, then each stone has a channel cut in the pavilion right below the girdle. Then the stones are slid into a frame work that holds them.
From my experience, it does not hold them very well.

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Now I know! The process is called Invisible Setting. As EACH stone has a groove in and around the ends of each stone is a Laser Cutting groove! This process makes the viewer think that there is one stone…but there aren’t any. Actually there are many stones.One stone just fits together making it look like one stone. Nice, eh?

Margie and everyone!!!
I wouldn’t touch any stone with this style of setting. Its trouble lurking everywhere in this ring. My best jeweller won’t even ‘touch it’.
A major manufacturer in Toronto stopped using this process for this one reason, the diamonds kept coming out. They made 100’s of designs, but had also many problems with this process. After a while, it just wasn’t cost effective.
This email is for my great friends on Ganoksin…If you have one of these rings, don’t “take it in” for any reason…It’s a ring from H*ll
Gerry Lewy. Toronto. Canada.


It was still nice to see how the claws lined up beautifully with, what we now know is the lines between the diamonds.
My first impression was that this one looked very well designed.
It still are beautifully designed I think, and the work looks first class, but untouchable🙄

Regards Per-Ove

It still raises the question for center stone.

Oh, I won’t touch one with a 10 foot pole!
They’re just trouble that you can’t get out of.

When I first saw this style appear in the late 80s or early 90s, I had a retail shop, and for a while I carried several fine examples from one very high quality line. The manufacturer made it very, very clear that any service to these rings had to be done by them, even ring sizing.
I was only too happy to comply.
I do not think that this company produces this style any longer.
Cheaper copies soon appeared that were nightmares.
As a trade shop that offers services to regional retail jewelers, with both formal training, and 45+ years experience, I refuse to perform ANY work on this style of jewelry, passing along contact information for services that specialize in servicing these time bombs.