Setting previously live parts

A client of mine, who has had me make several pieces, asked me to set his bear claw. Another jeweler in the area mentioned that there are some animal parts that cannot or should not be dealt with due to prohibitions. I know that ivory should be avoided.

What should I never work with and/or should require legal ownership papers? Is there a list somewhere?

Thank you all for making such beautiful items well beyond my capabilities.

It varies from state to state from my understanding so you have to look into your state’s laws (fish and wildlife) and if you customer resides in another state, too. If you search for “animal parts law” or something similar you’ll get all kinds of answers. This website is the most helpful as far as leading you in the right direction. this helps!

Each state has different restrictions. NO bear parts in TX…or was for yrs unless you want to look at fines or jail time!

In MS over 25 hrs ago I think it was turtle & or deer parts. Same time period in OK some deer parts but not others for sale. I don’t make the laws. Check with individual State wildlife

Sharon Perdasofpy


Thank you both. I am awaiting a reply to my state’s game commission. Better to know than get surprised with a knock on the door.