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Setting Kunzite


Hi all,

Thanks to all of the folk who replied on and off list to my angst
request on setting a Kunzite.The setting of the stone was no
trouble.( I swear that I am going to worry about things only after
they happen, not before!)“Think Topaz or Peridot” gave me a cross
reference,because I am familiar with those stones. That said, the
stone had been in the family for some thirty years,so the fact that
it was not expensive mattered not a jot. Giving it back in one piece

For a picture, see

Thanks again,
Hans Meevis


Hans, I’m glad you had no problems setting the kunzite. Thanks for
posting the photo, it looks great!

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL



Delightful design! Thanks for the image.

Bill Churlik