[Setting] Jet Set Problems

Hi All, I’ve been trying out Jet Set (sold by Rio Grande) which is a
new plastic for holding jewelry while setting. Unlike the setting
wax (Diamond cement) it do not dull drills. That is great but the
problem is I can get most of the stuff out with the sonic and the
steamer but there is still residue left in the hole behind the
diamonds. This is really annoying. Any got any solutions?


Some setters make a paste of baking soda a water (or icing sugar and
water) and plug up holes before polishing, letting the paste dry.
Then polishing compound does not fill the holes. Perhaps the same
thing works with Jet Set.


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Jim, I’ve been using it a bit lately and found the following to be

When I’m ready to take a piece out of the Jett Set, I reheat it with
a ‘heat gun’ used with paper arts…a hair dryer will do fine too.
Once it’s loose enough to pull from the main mass, I have a pointed
piece of Jett Set warmed up and ready. While the jewelry piece is
still warm from the heat gun, daub the pointed piece of Jett Set into
the crannies where bits are clinging. Like will cling to like and it
all comes out without needing the sonic! Reheat with the gun a bit if
it cools too quickly. This works best if your piece isn’t embedded
too deeply - mine are always very shallow.

Donna in Dallas