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Setting coins


Does anyone know of a tutorial on setting ancient coins into jewelry?
I want to set them so that the front and back are visible.
Additionally, most of them are not perfectly round, but have uneven

Thanks for ideas!



Bezel Setting with Jay Whaley. We recently did one featuring any non-
calibrated focal piece. Easily done, think of a Coin Holder, but



Here is a web site. Mel Fisher a famed treasure finder in the
Florida keys has a store that has wonderful examples of irregular
coins set.



Hi Sally…

Since you mentioned setting the coin so the other side was

When you plan this out…check your coin out orientation obverse to

With more modern coinage the reverse (back) is upside down with
respect to the obverse (front)…

Ancient coinage can come all sorts of ways…the same side up,
upside down or anything in between…

If you are planning on both sides being able to show when being
worn, i.e. flip it over and it’s another design, you have to take
that in consideration when you design the mount…

Gary W. Bourbonais
L’Hermite Aromatique
A.J.P. (GIA)


Sally, You don’t really describe your project…a pendant? there are
so many ways to go. here’s a really basic easy one. Trace the coin
onto a sheet of metal cut it out leaving a perimeter of metal around
the outside shape. now cut out the interior leaving just as much rim
for the coin to rest on as you want. file and polish that interior
cut. now you can solder either a few posts or a complete bezel to
hold the coin against that little rim, and attach a bail or some
other findingish arrangement. This set up can be as ornamented as you
like with addtional metal details soldered to it, engraving from it,
or stones. Play around and have some fun.

best to you! Marianne Hunter


I recently set some “coins” that I bought in Rome. I opted for a
very simple silver bezel and left the backs open. There may be a
better way but at least they are secure in the settings. Have a look
at them in my DaWanda boutique:

South of France



you can see the usual way to setting a money at:

at Santiago de Chile