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Setting classes observations

I have 8 students at my present class up here in Toronto’s “George
Brown College” in the Con-Ed departments. Seven (7) of them ARE
WOMEN. In my last class it was again one male among 10 WOMEN. What
do you see here? It’s the women who have the knack in wanting to
learn something rather new to them. (I treat all equally) Some are
resident jewellers with stores, and many are hobbyist/ beginners.
When they finish my 7 weekend classes of 40 hours, they have
something I cannot take away from them it’s the “beginning on their
road to experience”. Already I can see some form of advancement. They
are all refining their newly found skills. I just take my time
building up their level of confidence and this new skill. We are
starting to do proper “Bezel setting” in silver rings. In two weeks
we will start with “Channel setting”. Three weeks ago it was two
different styles of Engagement rings, all easy stuff. I make EACH
CLASS a real fun and happy occasion; this is because our classes are
studious and mentally challenging. I figure now more questions are
coming forth, by the hundreds.:>) Was I ever a teacher, no way! I
just put myself into their minds explaining what has to be shown and
very eloquently describing each setting manouver. With actual
bench-demonstrations and continual blackboard drawings, I get my
detailed point across. Drawing on a blackboard is also an acquired
skill! Repetition of verbal/visual techniques is so-o important right
now. Asking them questions on my next setting process, is my way of
seeing that they are actually retaining some of my verbal
instructionsand it does work! So is teaching in a setting class easy?
It’s a very challenging and terribly fun, as well as a rewarding
experience, for ALL! I will be in Buffalo, NY with the “Bench"
magazine group of speakers on April 27-30th… Drop by and say simple
"hullo” then. I have two teaching seminars to give, both on “Arte
Deco - Cut Down” settings