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Setting advice

Susan, Hi. I think I have used the same thing before. If I
remember right, I took a real copper penny and put a 90 degree
bend in it and super easy soldered the bezel pendant onto the
penny. That gave me a way to hold it by putting it in a vise. I
am too stingy to treat myself to a bench mate even though I’ve
only heard fabulous reviews. Then make sure your fit is VERY
tight or it will slip and slide around and that makes it very
hard to finish the job gracefully. I don’t have a hammer
handpiece either so I use a light hammer and a horseshoe nail
that has been altered to tap in opposites - north south east west

  • I also had to thin the top lip quite a bit so that it would
    fold and then finished with a burnishing tool. I probably sound
    like something from the dark ages, huh? Maybe I’ll get some new
    tools someday!! Hope this helps a little. PATTY