Setting a Journey Pendant

Any tips on the easiest way to set and tighten the double prongs on a “Journey Pendant”



i am not a professional stone setter, but since there is no reply yet, i will venture a comment…

In my minds eye…i am thinking of a few things:

i am not a fan on 2 prong settings…too paranoid (haha!)

i would want to tilt/ click the stones in place…versus bending/ moving the prong in any direction…

i would probably:

  • need to bevel the top edge/ inside diameter of the top rail, using a cone or ball bur… to seat the stone to the proper depth/ accomodate the pavillion…

  • use a hart bur/ or escapement files (triangle, square, barrette) to cut the seats in the prongs… to tilt/ click the stones in place

  • use a beading tool to tighten the shared prong down onto the stones…or split the prongs, and bead separate prongs.