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Setting a diamond in stone


Hi Folks,

I once saw a diamond set into a pendent made of a highly
polished piece of granite. The granite was drilled out to the
diameter of the diamond plus the thickness of the bezel. The
stone chamber was roughly conical but undercuts were created in
the tip and along the walls. A 22kt. gold bezel with a rim and
the reproduction of the V shaped chamber, much like a clock you
see in an office, was cast, polished, and swedged into the
granite pendent. The bearing was sharpened up, and the stone
was then set. The guy who I saw do it was my mentor while I was
serving my apprenticeship, Leon Schrader.



Skip Meister
N.R.A. Endowment &
Certified Instructor
in all disciplines
Certified Illinois D.N.R.
Hunter Ed, Instructor