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Services needed for bead replication

I have several carved antique 9mm wood beads that I would like
replicated in another material which resembles stone and or
stone/patina. I have only a limited understanding of casting and
molding processes and am looking for either a foundry or artisan who
could take on this project. I have 60 beads…each needing to be
duplicated x 1000 for a total of 6000 beads. If anyone has any
suggestions on possible materials to consider for durability or
helpful insight, please advise. Thanks, Christine

Hi Christine, Cast glass might be something to consider…you could
post a message on the Warm Glass Boards.

Take care…Patty

Christine, Check out this site for reference:

Andrew Goss has done some great work with concrete on a jeweler’s
scale. If you want the look of stone then you can’t really beat
stone to get it!