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Service manual for I.shore vulcamatic

I have a questions for folks on here. I just recently bought a
vulcanizer from a jewelry store that was closing up one of their
stores that was made by Shor International Corporation. Here are the
specs off the unit:

I.shore company. Model - Vulcamatic, 120v 10.00amps, Serial # 153, #
body T-7750

The unit needs a bit of TLC cleanup and I need to re-wire it as the
armor clad sheathing was damaged on the back, and the cord has some
knicks in it as well as a clear light on the front is broken.

I have no problem doing the work on it, but am looking for a service
manual or wiring diagram for this. I have never used a vulcanizer
before but am definitely competent enough with electronic repair to
replace the wiring and led if I can find specs on it… If someone has
info on this unit, I would love to hear from you. The company hasn’t
made this since 1988 from what they said, so I am kind of out of luck
down that road.

Oh, Also, what is they typical amperage pull on one of this things
using your typical castaldo mold rubber? The thing is is rated at
somewhere around 10amps, but I assume that is under full temperature?

Thanks Much,
Vince Woodard