September England trade shows

I will be in London, England on Sept. 24 and 25th and I was
wondering if any Orchidians in the UK could give me any information
on gem or trade shows that might be happening on those days. I am
also wondering if there is a jeweller’s district or silversmithing
district that I could go to and observe.

I will be traveling by Tube so any directions to these areas would
be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you in advance,

Jim Millius
Taylius Jewellers
Calgary, Canada.

Don’t know about trade shows, but if you have never been to the
Victoria and Albert Museum in London it is a MUST DO! Quite an
incredible collection that includes jewelry, silver work (utensils,
vessels, etc.), glass, furniture, rugs, clothing, and more. Really
wonderful. When my daughter and I go, we need more than a day to
really “do” the whole thing. They have lockers for storing whatever
you are carrying, and a great (and expensive) restaurant in the
museum. They were doing some renovations when I was there last, a
couple of years ago. I really highly recommend it!

Beth in SC who is now wishing SHE were going to be in London in September!

Hi there. I can’t find your original email but perhaps this will be
helpful. If not, just hit the delete key! As Beth said, the V and A
is a great place to visit. They also have a gallery of contemporary
jewellery which is for sale.

Electrum Gallery is one of the biggest galleries and has a wonderful
assortment of jewellery for sale ( I just go there to browse and
sigh with envy.) The Craft Council have a shop there too. Electrum
Gallery 21 South Molton Street, W1K 5QZ

The Craft council have a gallery and shop in Islington which is only
a few minutes walk from ‘The Angel’ tube station. They have a
FABULOUS selection of books there.

Feel free to email me off list.
Ruth in the UK.