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Separating Disks

Thank you Dick - I really enjoy simple “obvious” tips like this

  • and wonder why the hell I never thought of it! “As said on
    TV; itreally works!”

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Felicity–There are separating disks that are not metal. They
are made of very thin abrasive material, and they come in various
thicknesses. I bought the thinnest ones (which break very easily
and are fairly expensive) from a Dental Supply house; I also
bought some thicker ones from one of these huge stores that sell
a very wide variety of tools and equipment for home builders,
etc. You might also check out the catalogues to see if any of
the jewelry supply people carry them. Sandra

Hi Folks,

Sorry that I forgot to add diamond discs to my previous post.
Sintered diamond discs (diamond through and through) are
available and are thin. A dental supply house like Zahn will
carry them.

Regarding Peter Rowe’s post on this subject he is right. They
are used in the dental industry. Some of the prices in my
supply house catalog are:

Zahn (house brand) 7/8" x .010" per 25 (1 to 5 boxes) $7.99
per box- 6 or more boxes $6.99 per box

Dedeco Abrasives- Ultra-.009’s " " $10.99 " " $9.99 “
Dura-.009’s " " " " “
Jelenko Jel-Thins 7/8” x .009” " $11.99

National Keystone Dura-Thin for metal 7/8" x .009" 25 to a
box $8.99 per box 6 or more boxes $7.99. Veri-Thin 7/8" x
.015" per 50 $10.99 per box * I love these things. Although
less fragile than the .009" discs they are fairly robust but not
nearly as robust as Red Flash etc. Ultra-Flex 7/8" x .005" 25
per box $11.49 per box 6 or more boxes at $10.49 per box

Just thought I’d let you know.