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Sending Scrap to Refiner

I’m going to send scrap to a refiner for the first time and have a few questions. Thanks for your help!

  1. Do they take Vermeil? If yes, should it be separated from Sterling Silver or put in with the Sterling?
  2. Should I separate Argentium Sterling Silver from Deox Sterling Silver from standard Sterling Silver?
  3. Do they take gold fill? If yes, should it be separated by the karat of gold in it?
  4. Do they take brass and copper? I assume those need to be separated from everything else.
  5. I assume Fine Silver and 14 kt gold should be separated out from anything else?
  6. I assume stones should be removed? Do tiny CZs need to be removed?

hey nan!
I know Rio takes gold-filled but I’m not sure about Vermeil.
They have a really handy chart and instructions on their site of how they want everything broken down. They even have a calculator to get an estimate of your scrap value. And yes, they want all stones removed.

As far as copper and brass, maybe locate a local metals scrap yard to sell or a local jewelry school to donate?

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Thanks, Danielle :blush:
I should have realized I could just check their websites for instructions.

Np! Some sites don’t break down what they want very well! I like how easy Rio’s makes it.