[Seminar] The Professional Development Seminar

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I’d just like to pass along some regarding professional

PDS. The Professional Development Seminar, organized by Harriete
Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman and Don Friedlich is a four program of
lectures and discussion designed to offer students, emerging artists
and established professionals vital to establishing and
maintaining a career in the arts.

The PDS is held in conjunction with the annual SNAG conference, this
year in Philadelphia. You can attend the PDS without attending the
conference itself. The fee for this informative and dynamic program
is only $10.00. If you’re in the Philly area May 20th, '09 be sure to
attend. To read about the entire program go heRe:


ETSY Also, parts one and two of a four part series of essays is now
appearing on etsy.com. Written by the 3 PDS committee members, the
topic of this series is Galleries-- selecting galleries to approach,
how best to apply to them and some questions to ask and things to
consider when doing business with them. The first installments in
this series can be found at:


PG And finally, even more invaluable can be found-- for
free-- on the SNAG website. This is the Professional Guidelines, a
series of documents that can help you navigate some of the thornier
issues that we encounter in making a career in the arts and craft
fields. Topics include shipping, insurance, holding open studio
events and much, much more.

The PG can be found at:

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Andy Cooperman