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[Seminar][San Francisco] Show Me How

If there are any very interested Orchidians who want to meet this
setter and Jurgen Maerz ( of the Platinum Guild) this is quite an
opportunity. We will be at the “Doubletree Hotel” at the Airport.

We all are going to giving demo’s on Coloured Stone Setting,
Bright-Cutting, Flush Stone Setting, Channel Setting seminars all
day on Saturday. Jurgen will give his personal jewellery techniques
from his many years of experience with Platinum fabrication. Bradney
Simon will give his techniques on reapiring jewellery along with
’his’ humourous routines.

All of us are writers for the Bench magazine. come out and join this
very informative group of “mavens”. Brad Simon, Chuck Koehler,
Jurgen and …me… plus you can buy my book ! date is August 27th…be

Gerry Lewy