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[Seminar] Digital Photography - Cloud Dome

Greetings! You may already know about Cloud Dome; a white Plexiglas
dome that diffuses light evenly, to take perfect pictures of
hard-to-photograph items like jewelry. The Cloud Dome is a great
product for jewelry artists, among many other artists, because it is
inexpensive, easy-to-use, and works with any camera.

As we sell more and more Cloud Domes, we get more and more questions
about how to use a digital camera, what software to edit pictures
with, how to print the pictures in high resolution, etc. What we’ve
found is that artists are tired of paying a photographer to do things
that they can do themselves. What they need are the basics of digital
photography so that they can spend less time and money on pictures,
and spend more on their work.

Cloud Dome Productions is working with Cloud Dome, Inc. to provide
hands-on digital photography seminars. The goal is to help the
everyday digital photographer understand available photography tools,
capture high quality mages, and enhance their work with software.
Cloud Dome Productions digital photography seminars are scheduled
throughout the US.

If you are interested in attending a seminar or would like to have
one in your area, please check out or call Sam Sokol at 720-290-2899.

Our digital photography seminars cover:

  • computer terminology relevant to digital photography

  • minimum technology requirements for your needs

  • a review and explanation of your digital camera’s settings

  • how to take pictures with the Cloud Dome

  • how to process your digital pictures and not lose image

  • how to use Photoshop and other editors to enhance your

  • other useful

We normally do seminars for groups of 30 to 35 people.

Cindy Lichfield