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Selling versus selling the design

Hi all, I have just been told by the gallery where I will have a
show next week that some one from a local jewelry shop was interested
in one or more of my designs and might like to buy them. So my
question is: how much does the design cost? It must be more than
the actual piece alone so how much more than the piece itself? I
assume that means I can never make that piece again but does that
mean I can’t make anything even remotely similar to that piece? One of
my design has just started to be explored and I would really not
like to lose the momentum to work it more and develop it more. BUT
money talk, especially when I am trying establish myself here. What
do all you more experienced orchidians advise. Thank you so much for
all your info and sharing, and Hanuman for your brilliant idea of
this forum.

Sharron in green Kuala Lumpur where I am changing my house around to
get a bigger and cooler studio.

Hey Sharron Do you have a metalsmith/bench Jeweler friend? You need
to show them the design and ask how much it would cost. If not I
could tell you. If they buy the design- yes they own it BUT- you can
have one piece made and you own it. Also you can copy write it, then
you are adding more value. Fell free to write me and ask for more
info. Denise Ruiz GJG