Selling to Upscale boutiques

Hello All,

I have been updating our marketing plan for 2003 and are looking to
focus a lot of our marketing efforts to selling finished jewelry to
upscale boutiques. My target market is comprised of boutiques that
sell high-end clothing and accessories, with 1-9 employees, 1-3
locations, and whose principal clientele consists of women, age
35-55, with an annual household income of $70,000 or more.

What are the best ways to present one’s jewelry to the owners/buyers
of these boutiques, especially if they are located across the
country? Should I create a tri-fold brochure, a printed catalog (we
are constantly updating our designs with many one-of-a-kind pieces),
catalog on CD-ROM, other method?

What have been your experiences selling to high-end boutiques? How
often do the owners/buyers buy each year and how much do they buy in
terms of dollars or number of pieces? Are the owners/buyers
generally receptive or do they have a lot of attitude? Do they buy
outright or on consignment? Are there certain key styles or elements
(faceted stones, high-karat gold, etc.) that make a piece more
desireable to the owner/buyer?

I would appreciate feedback from people who deal with boutiques
regularly or have in the past. Thanks!!!

JoAnna Kelleher
Director of Operations/Designer

Hi JoAnna,

I read your marketing plan and have an idea. I am a sales manager
for a photo imaging lab not custom jewelry. Since you are not trying
to sell to everyone.You would be better off going to a local
professional imaging lab and have 8 x 10" pictures of your designs
made and put them in a sales binder instead of a brochure. most
printed pieces do not do jewelry justice, the gamut of colors is not
there. It is more expenses but would have a much bigger impact on
the people receiving it and if they are interested they could use it
to sell your jewelry to their clients. If you do this ask them if
they have metallic photo paper it show jewelry off really great!!

Good luck and good selling

Marty Fingeroot
Foto1 Imaging