Selling Synthetic Gems

to all - the more i think about this whole subject the more sense it
makes to accept and take advantage of technology, especially when it
comes to when you think about it it really makes alot more
sense to spend the money on a process that will garauntee(sp?) a
wonderfull yield, than a a process which tears up the planet puts
tons of emissions and waste into our environment and gets people
killed and maybe gives a good yield. i know some of you are very
sensitive about me saying publicly that ALMOST ( which does not mean
all) gemstones are treated in some way shape or form but i am going
to say it anyway, because i am confident it is the truth. Almost all
gemstones are treated in in someway shape or form to enhance the
appearance. I posted in the past that i would not offer synthetics
for sale but i am publicly recanting that statement. i have decided
for my self synthetics are the way of the future, especially
diamonds. my customers will be offered untreated natural
gemstones?.. and definitly synthetic (at least you know what you
bought and the price reflects it affordable) material. i think all
of you people in retail have probably noticed that the buying public
has seen alot less to buy with since the oil companies become
greedier than usual and when things level off they are still going to
have much less money to spend, not all of us have shops frequented by
fabulously wealthy customers. well best regards to all
especially to all who disagree - goo