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Selling rocks at Quartzsite

Hi If I put my polished slabs, polished end cuts, my tumbled stones
and cabs in my pickup and just showed up in Quartzite toward the end
of January, would I be able to sell them? Are there rules on where
one can park and sell? What restriction are there for going there
and selling? Do you have to register with anyone there when you come
from out of state?

Is there any one on the list that has an “in” and knows the “ins and
outs” of going to Quartzite to sell rocks?

If you contact Quartsite Arizona City Hall you can get the complete
listing of events for this year and Jan. You do have to get a sellers
License from the city of Quartsite and also a Arizona seller lisence.

Yours Billy S. Bates
Royal Wildlife Miniatures

Although there is a kind of old west look to Quartzsite, almost if
not all of the selling locations are parts of organized shows which
will charge you a fee for your space. You would be well served to
make arrangements in advance as some, or all, of the spaces will be
sold out well in advance of the show dates. In addition, it is my
understanding that the state of Arizona does like to get their cut
so you will need to obtain a temporary business and sellers permit
and collect sales tax on what you sell. The show organizer will
help with this problem.

Check in the Lapidary Journal, Rock and Gems, and Colored Stones
magazines for show dates and contact They all have
listings of shows.